[DEV/ART] FTP + PHP Scoreboard, Final Game Over and Victory screen

Last weekend I’ve worked on implementing a fully functioning online scoreboard using our school’s FTP server.
You can see the list of scores “live” here:
Since I had to contact the server, I wrote a simple PHP script that helps with setting the data on the server.

Besides that, I spent my time designing the scoreboard screen, finalizing the victory screen design (and code) and redesigned @depottermathias his tutorial message prompt design.

Final high score design:

Final victory screen design:

Message prompt design itterations:


[DEV] Tutorial

Tutorial script

A step by step explanation on how the controls and mechanics work.

Some actions have to be performed for a period of time whilst a bar is being filling,  after this progress bar is filled the next instruction will be presented.
sometimes only an explanation is shown without action, in this case only enter will have to be pressed.
And finally, although this is as of now not yet in use, a fallback function which will deplete the progress bar if an action is not being performed continuously, slowly going back down to 0.

At the end of the tutorial the player will be redirected back to the main menu and all info can be revisited of course. Also a handy chart is provided in menu while in-game.



-De Potter Mathias

[DEV] Intro/Outro and Movement Update

During the past week the goal was to make sure our game loop was as polished as possible.


I implemented an intro to the game. The player spawns in a boat and gets taken to the first island. Various scripts were used to make everything as it is, all linked to the main cutscene script. The cutscene script was improved with a fade so the player can be transformed at it’s darkest peak. When arrived the boat also gets made invisible and another special placed boat mesh gets visible.



The outro is like the intro but before taking the boat to go back the point screen gets shown. I implemented the camera movement in the back and the player that follows a certain path on the island you are watching.

Menu Camera

The camera to orbit the islands got an update to make it more customizable. It’s also used in the menu now.

Movement Update

I updated the movement script to not move during certain animations. The movement gets frozen and unfrozen when in and going out of certain animations. I believe that I got most animations that made the player slide whilst in the animation.

[DEV] (WIP) Town game loop UI

I’ve been working on the UI design elements between towns, text popping up and score counters, that kind of thing.


The current concept for the victory screen is a split screen displaying each element 1 by 1 chronologically:victory

This will be polished later.